organic foods

our passion

Organic foods are our passion, we love the goodness & flavour you get from eating it.

Organic food is good for the land, the farmer, the environment and us. More people worldwide are turning to organics because they believe organic food is better for them, and recent research suggests they're right. Organic food can contain higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as tasting better. This comes about as organic farming is based on quality soil fertility, sustainable farming practices, animal welfare and zero use of GMO's and synthetic chemicals.

Fresh certified organic fruit & vegetables arrive regularly throughout the week complementing the large range of organic grocery items we stock below;

  • Dairy - milk, yoghurt, butters, creams, cheeses
  • Breads - sprouted breads, sourdoughs, gluten free, wraps
  • Meats - beef, chicken, lamb, turkey
  • Bulk scooping bins - grains, flour, pulses, nuts, dried fruit, seeds & chocolate
  • Pantry - dried herbs, condiments, canned veg, sauces, oils, pasta
  • Breakfast - cereals, jams, teas, coffee, eggs, juice
  • Protein powder & superfoods